1: Google Pixel delivers crisp photos. Galaxy S7 offers vibrant colors. iPhone 7 captures stunning portraits.

2: Google Pixel excels in low-light. Galaxy S7 features versatile Pro Mode. iPhone 7 boasts natural skin tones.

3: Google Pixel has fast autofocus. Galaxy S7 has impressive dynamic range. iPhone 7 shines in outdoor shots.

4: Google Pixel's HDR+ enhances details. Galaxy S7's OIS reduces motion blur. iPhone 7's True Tone flash balances colors.

5: Google Pixel's Night Sight is unmatched. Galaxy S7's Selective Focus creates depth. iPhone 7's Live Photos bring memories to life.

6: Google Pixel's Super Res Zoom is impressive. Galaxy S7's Motion Panorama captures movement. iPhone 7's Portrait Mode blurs backgrounds beautifully.

7: Google Pixel's dual-pixel autofocus is speedy. Galaxy S7's Pro Mode allows manual adjustments. iPhone 7's quad-LED True Tone flash illuminates scenes.

8: Google Pixel's AI enhances image processing. Galaxy S7's Fast Motion captures action shots. iPhone 7's Optical Zoom gets closer to the subject.

9: Google Pixel, Galaxy S7, and iPhone 7 all offer excellent camera options for different photography needs. Choose the one that best suits your style and capture stunning moments with ease.