1: Attack on Titan - The anime took different turns than the manga, leaving fans surprised and intrigued.

2: Tokyo Ghoul - A darker storyline unfolded in the anime, deviating from the manga's original plot.

3: Fullmetal Alchemist - Two different adaptations left fans debating which was more faithful to the manga.

4: Soul Eater - The anime introduced new characters and altered the ending from the manga.

5: Ao no Exorcist - The anime featured original storylines, diverging from its manga counterpart.

6: Claymore - The anime veered off from the manga, altering character developments and story arcs.

7: Akame ga Kill! - The anime introduced different plot twists and character deaths than the manga.

8: Deadman Wonderland - The anime changed certain story elements, surprising viewers who read the manga.

9: NANA - The anime deviated from the manga due to its incomplete adaptation, leaving fans waiting for a proper conclusion.